The V&A's Disobedient Objects temporary display in the Porter Gallery adjacent to the main entrance, marked a significant departure for the museum. Tools designed to promote and assist protest movements from around the world were the focus of this unconventional exhibition. Elbow won the contract to create the Disobedient Objects audio visual material. It included several short films providing context for individual artefacts, including the Tiki Love Truck, plus one large projection showcasing archive footage of exhibits as they were used in actual protests. Elbow's big challenge was to find a way of embedding the large projection alongside a specially commissioned audio piece played at high volume from a nearby exhibit. Ultimately the film was cut to complement the music, enhancing the impact of both the images and the audio. "Elbow are great at taking an over-complicated concept and making it manageable and simple enough to put into a narrative which can then be communicated to the public." Client comment following Disobedient Objects installation.
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