The Wing The Wing, a new visitor centre on the white cliffs above Folkestone, is run by The Battle of Britain Memorial Trust and aims to explain for future generations the significance of the air battles in the skies above Britain in the summer of 1940. The building, constructed in the shape of a Spitfire wing, houses 'The Scramble Experience'; an immersive audio visual exhibition which includes a 9 projector dramatic reconstruction, several large multi-screen interactive exhibits and a number of animations, documentaries and audio points. Elbow were responsible for all 28 digital exhibits and AVs, working closely with the client team to ensure a cohesive immersive environment that is inspiring and exciting for audiences of all ages. "The Wing is a great credit to all concerned. The film which depicts a 'scramble' in 1940 is the most authentic portrayal of what went on that I've ever seen or heard. I'm not normally an emotional person, but it got to me and I got a lump in my throat." - Flight lieutenant Geoffrey Wellum, Battle of Britain Veteran
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