Museum of Jurassic Marine Life / Etches Collection Elbow developed two compelling interactives for the Museum of Jurassic Marine Life in Kimmeridge. 'Eat or Be Eaten' and 'Escape and Evade' use simple motion graphics and factual interaction to bring to life the world of underwater predator and prey 150 million years ago. Visitors are invited to explore various fossils and what they can tell us about the relationship between predator and prey, and the evolution of both to capture and evade one another. The Museum of Jurassic Marine Life opened in October 2016 to exhibit the extraordinary 'Etches Collection' of over 2,500 marine fossils found on the South West's Jurassic Coast. Elbow's interactives are part of a new immersive exhibition that aims to recreate the incredible underwater world of the Jurassic era.
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